Discovery Coatings is owned and operated by Gargie Balarbar. Gargie has extensive experience in the refinishing business. As a partner in a lucrative resurfacing business in Seattle, Washington, Gargie supervised 18 crew members in the resurfacing and repainting of counters, bathtubs, sinks, fireplaces, cabinets, tiles and swimming pools.

After ten years away from home, Gargie planned to use his skills and experience to operate his own resurfacing company in the place he grew up, the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. He then decided to work with a local resurfacing company to learn about the needs of his prospective clients. Now, Gargie looks forward to running his own environmentally concious business in his area of expertise, resurfacing.

Discovery Coatings seeks out technicians who take pride in their craftsmanship and are strongly committed to the preservation of our environment.